I'm an accomplished Interior Designer with decades of experience. One of the reasons that I chose this occupation is due to a unique talent – I can visualize in three-dimensions, meaning I see the rooms I create in my head long before they exist. It's thrilling to conjure up spaces.  To edit at will. Inserting colors, patterns, architectural details, and furnishings. I see all the elements that comprise a design, then physically walk into that space months later after construction and installation. It looks just like I knew it would. There are no surprises. No, "I didn't know it would look like that!" moments. This is why I love being an Interior Designer.

A designer's career is directly proportional to the opportunities that come their way, and I have been very fortunate. I've designed over a million square feet of corporate offices across the United States.  This includes 30 floors of the Transamerica Building in San Francisco. This project included the largest Equities Trading Floor outside of New York City and required perfect air, lighting, acoustics and durability, plus the latest technology – all created at break-neck speed. Law offices, private banks, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers and spas, luxury yachts, private aircraft, and most importantly, some of the most fabulous residences in the bay area and beyond. 

Give me a design challenge and I will rise to the occasion and bring everything I know about project management, team building, construction, scheduling, and budgets to the fore - all with timeless, unique, and impeccable interior design.

When you hire Hendler Design, you get me! I personally select every aspect of my designs and am totally accessible to the project at all times. I am your contact and I will lead every meeting and presentation. During my varied career, I have become an expert at translating a person's or corporation's identity into physical space. Each environment is uniquely tailored to reflect the character of the people occupying it.  

I'd love to share what I know to make sure you get what you want. Let's dream-up the home that best expresses you!